Autonomous Driving Software Engineers (Daegu / Pangyo / Wonju)


ㆍExperienced: 3+ years after bachelor’s degree or higher

ㆍEntry Level: Master’s degree or higher (including graduates)


Job Description (Entry Level)

ㆍSupport development of autonomous driving S/W and H/W

ㆍExperimentation and analysis of autonomous vehicle and sensor performance

ㆍCARLA simulation application experiment


Job Description (Experienced)

ㆍDevelopment of autonomous vehicle and embedded controller (All-In-One-Kit)

ㆍDevelopment of ROS-based autonomous driving SW

ㆍLidar application system development (Detection/Tracking/SLAM)

ㆍAdvanced DL & CV image recognition technology

ㆍAdvancement of hyper localization technology


Preferred Qualifications

ㆍExperienced in automotive/electronic software development

ㆍAutonomous driving and ROS related knowledge

ㆍC / C++ / Python language proficiency

ㆍExperienced in embedded environment development such as Linux, Nvidia Jetson, TI Beaglebone, etc.