Who we are

Sonnet.AI is a full-stack autonomous driving company that operates the commercial robotaxi service RAXITM, developed with its own autonomous driving software AutoDriveTM. Focusing on the safety and reliability of autonomous driving technology, we have recorded 100,000+ kilometers of accident-free autonomous driving services to date. We are also developing autonomous driving shuttles for global market entry.

In the B2B sector, we are developing autonomous train technology for the Torpedo Ladle Cars, which transport molten iron produced in blast furnaces to the steel mills at Korea’s largest steelworks. We have also successfully developed and operated a Virtual Fence for security at Busan New Port, a container gate automation solution boasting the world’s highest accuracy of 99.8%, and the world’s first 3D LiDAR-based container positioning system.
We are a Korea’s leading autonomous driving company that has also entered the vertical market of autonomous driving technology.

Our Vision

A sonnet is a poem in a specific form that follows a strict rhyme scheme and specific structure. At sonnet.ai, we believe that software must be designed under systematic rules and architecture for ensuring reliability and quality, because our AI software will be used for saving lives.”

With the heart of a poet, we are developing innovative autonomous driving technology with high reliability and safety at the highest value according to the systematic rules and architecture of Sonnet.AI. To date, we have a record of no accidents.”

Founded in 2017 as the first startup by researchers from Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology (DGIST), we believe that autonomous driving technology has the potential to bring changes to our lives and society. We are providing services with this belief and are integrating deep learning and traditional software development processes to expand into various B2B and B2G sectors, opening the future of autonomous driving.

What we do

Robot Taxi
-Drive-by-wire via CAN
-ROS-based software platform
-Advanced sensors for Level 4 urban driving: Machine vision cameras & GNSS/RTK
-ROS drivers for controlling  a car; handling driving signals from a car; handling OEM radars (front and rears) & supporting advanced sensors
-Current service area: Daegu
-Serviced areas: Sejong, Hwaseong, Gangneung

Security & Automation Solutions
V-Fence: Lidar-based perimeter security solutions
-Supports seventeen LiDARs or more
-Successfully installed in Busan New Port to enhance security
AutoGate: Lidar & vision based gate automation solutions
-Supports terminal operation system integration
-Successfully operating in Busan New Port to enhance security
3D-CPS: 3D Lidar-based Container Positioning System
-The world’s first 3D lidar-based container guidance system
-3D lidar-based real-time container position recognition and guidance
-Safety feature that automatically stops the crane when danger is detected

Autonomous Train Solutions
-Torpedo Ladle Car Autonomous Driving Solution
-Autonomous driving technology is applied to trains that transport blast furnace-produced steel to steel mills
-Applied to the largest steel mill in Korea